Home Modifications for a Senior Who Lives With You

Mar 25, 2019

How to Modify Your Home for Senior Living When your loved one plans on aging in place, home modifications for seniors help them thrive. If they want to move in, you have many options to consider. You can change your home’s layout, furniture, hardware or other aspects of the building to make it friendlier for seniors. […]

Tips for Communicating With Someone With Alzheimer’s Disease

Mar 18, 2019

How To Communicate With Someone Who Has Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s disease changes a person’s memory, behavior and cognitive abilities. As it progresses, it impacts their communication skills, and their caregiver needs to understand how to use a different approach. The communication differences caused by Alzheimer’s evolve as the disease develops. We will explain how Alzheimer’s impacts […]

Spending More Time With Your Senior Loved One

Mar 11, 2019

Ways to Spend More Time With Your Senior Loved One Doing activities together becomes more important than ever during your relative’s senior years. Spending time with elderly loved ones shows them you cherish your relationship. Do you need to find fun things to do with your elderly parents or activities for seniors with disabilities? What […]

Developing a Long-Term Care Plan for an Older Adult

Mar 05, 2019

How to Develop a Long-Term Care Plan for an Older Adult During our senior years, we want to prepare ourselves for anything that can happen. Creating a long-term care plan lets you get ready for situations that increase your need for care. This guide will cover senior long-term care needs and how planning ahead can […]

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