Each passing year should be a cause for celebration. Sadly, for some people, the senior years present many daily challenges. At Active Senior Care, we believe that older adults should be able to embrace each day as they live a full and productive life. We are proud to refer qualified caregivers who can provide exceptional senior care to those living in Parkland, Florida.

Senior home care providers offer services that help clients and their families adjust to the realities of aging in place. We help those living in Parkland, Florida to find outstanding home care assistance along with personalized attention and genuine warmth in every interaction.

If you live with an older relative or you’re looking for a caregiver to live at home full-time with your aging parent, Active Senior Care can help. Learn more about our professional, compassionate services when you contact us.

Parkland, Florida, Home Care Assistance Services

Your loved one’s needs are unique. At Active Senior Care, we understand that situations differ from client to client. That’s why we’re proud to refer caregivers who can offer a wide range of services. Here are just a few of the home care assistance solutions available to Parkland, Florida, families:

  • Personal care services: From bathing and hygiene to assistance with walking and eating, we can match you with a caregiver trained to provide personalized care assistance. Home health aides ensure your loved one’s dignity as they provide compassionate support to help them do the daily tasks that become harder with age.
  • Companion and homemaker services: Many older adults feel isolated from the social lives they once enjoyed. They may even feel hesitant to do some of their activities alone. A caregiver can bring some cheer and much-needed companionship to your loved one’s life. Companions can also help with housework, prepare meals, run errands and provide transportation to both social and medical appointments.
  • Live-in and 24-hour care services: If your family member requires round-the-clock assistance, a home health aide can provide live-in or 24-hour care. A live-in caregiver can seamlessly blend in as a member of your household on a full-time basis. Or, if you prefer that your caregiver does not live at your loved one’s home, 24-hour care divides home care services into shifts.
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia care: Cognitive impairment can impact both the mind and personality of your loved one. While Alzheimer’s and dementia can be frightening diagnoses, a caregiver can ease your fears with at-home assistance if your loved one is experiencing the symptoms of these conditions.
  • Post-stroke services: If your loved one experiences a stroke, it is possible to come back from this experience. However, strokes leave many older adults struggling physically, mentally and emotionally. The team at Active Senior Care will take the time to get to know your loved one’s needs so that we can find you the right assistance, including caregivers who provide mobility help and in-home exercises.
  • Parkinson’s disease care: As Parkinson’s disease progresses, communication difficulties and uncontrollable tremors can make everyday tasks difficult for your loved one to manage. A caregiver referred by Active Senior Care can help clients regain a sense of independence and pride while still receiving the assistance they need.

We invite families living in Parkland, Florida, to contact us to schedule a time to discuss your unique needs with one of our representatives.

Why Choose Active Senior Care as Your Home Care Provider in Parkland, Florida?

Many adult children would love to take care of their aging parents on their own. However, the stress and responsibility associated with their needs can quickly become overwhelming. When you choose Active Senior Care, we refer outstanding caregivers while also providing numerous other benefits to our clients and their families:

  • Screened caregivers: The professionals we refer as caregivers are thoroughly vetted and insured, specializing in the services each client requires.
  • Quick response times: Even if you need a caregiver quickly, you can trust us to refer highly qualified home health aides who can fit into your scheduling requirements.
  • Complimentary caregiver interviews: During the free interview process, you can choose between top-notch caregivers to find the right fit for your loved one.
  • Competitive rates: With no hidden fees, you’ll find that the rates for caregivers at Active Senior Care allow you to afford the services your loved one deserves. We also work with insurance providers when applicable.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about the most trustworthy in-home care services in Parkland, Florida.

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