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At Active Senior Care, we provide a variety of elderly care services for seniors and families living in Bay Harbor Islands and its surrounding areas. Our professional service covers assistance with daily activities, mobility, medication and companionship. We’re committed to giving you peace of mind, and our services are personalized to meet individual needs.

We Offer Special Live-in Services in Bay Harbor Islands

Our caregivers are available to stay with your loved one. This is ideal when your loved one needs special care at night or on a 24/7 basis. With this service, we provide support for your seniors who need help with mobility while they enjoy the comfort of their homes. senior care nurse in bay harbor islands

Our caregivers know how to care for seniors who have debilitating conditions like dementia and Parkinson’s. Every night, there will be someone to keep watch and provide any needed assistance. You’ll always have someone with your loved one while you enjoy peace of mind because they’re receiving the help they need.

What Do You Gain From Our Senior Care in Bay Harbor Islands?

Seniors stay in their homes and get all the assistance they need with daily tasks. You’ll get the type of caregiver that matches your requirements and suits the traits of your elderly loved one. Plus, you’re not restricted to a 9-to-5 schedule. We provide care within a flexible time frame.

  • I was referred to active home care by a neighbor a couple of months ago. My mother in law is now 82 years old, she is very fragile and needs assistance with some activities of daily living like bathing, dressing and grooming. We have had many different caregivers with a... read more

    Lisbeth Fernandez Watson

    I was looking for in home care services for my mom in the Miami area and found Active Home Care. We started services a couple of months ago and are very satisfied with the staff and caregivers.

    Max Rimeris
  • I hired Active Home Care to provide home care services to my uncle that lives in Miami FL, they have been wonderful and very helpful. The office staff is well trained and helped us navigate our options successfully. 100% recommended!

    Jacobo Taurel

    Amazing service. The office is always attentive to our needs and they treat us like family, we are very happy!

    Leonardo Rostoker
  • When I first called Active Home Care, I had been taking care of my mom on my own for several months. I knew I needed help but I didn't know how to find it. My mother's physician recommended Active Home Care, so I called them. They sent a couple of... read more

    Camila Roizental

    Active Home Care agency helped my father so much! They were so quick to respond and send two caregivers who go above and beyond in their service. I hope this review will help another family make a decision to use and trust Active Home Care agency to help their family... read more

    Simona Kogan
  • My mom is a current client at Active Home Care, we are extremely happy with the services she is receiving. Anita is wonderful with her, she really cares for my mom. She comes in every day at 9:00 am to assist her with breakfast and getting her ready and stays... read more

    Meyer Waich

    I hired Active Home Care to be with my mom a couple of hours every day and provide personal care assistance and medication reminders while I'm at work. I'm very happy with their services, the office team is compassionate and the staff is highly professional.

    Bianca Benatar
  • Best home care agency in Miami FL, all staff is background screened, caring and professional. I have been an Active Home Care customer for a few years, they are wonderful, they come every day to help me with my morning routine, light housekeeping, driving me to my appointments and grocery... read more

    Mina Rozenberg

    The most professional, helpful and amazing caregivers in South Florida!! Thank you for your service, definitely recommend for your loved ones.

    Aimee Garden-Fernandez

Benefits of Our Companion Care in Bay Harbor Islands

We love helping the elderly overcome loneliness and its negative emotional effects. Your loved one can enjoy companionship and help with routine tasks. Our caregivers have excellent communication skills, and they’re trained to keep seniors happy throughout the day. Companionship is combined with assistance with mobility, physical exercise, shopping and many other caregiving tasks.

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